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RISQS H&S Advisors (Formerly known as Link-up)

HCC Grp Ltd recognise that many companies, especially if you are trying to break into the Rail industry as a new supply chain company would not be aware of the changes that were made by Network Rail in a re-brand and new scheme ownership from Link-up to RISQS.

What was formerly known as Link-up is now branded as the RISQS scheme which is the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme. The scheme is broken down into 4 specific Audit protocols which include:

  • Industry Minimum Requirements (IMR)
  • Sentinel (Sponsorship Protocol)
  • POS (Plant Operating Scheme)
  • RIPS (Railway Interface Planning Scheme)

For a more detailed breakdown of our Rail Consulting Services visit our Rail Consulting Services page.

RISQS has been developed to provide a service for the qualification of suppliers for all products and services that are procured by the Rail industry.

The RISQS scheme supports Network Rail, LUL/Transport for London, Passenger - Light Rail and Freight Train Operators, Rolling Stock Organisations, Main Infrastructure Contractors and other rail products and services providers in the management of supply chain risk.

RISQS is an independent, third party qualification assessment of a supplier’s capability to supply products and services.

Rail Services
RISQS Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme

HCC Grp can provide the following services for RISQS / Link-up Clients:

Link-up (now RISQS) / Achilles Questionnaire and Application Support

Link-up (now RISQS) Compliance System Implementation (Compliance Manual and QEHS Systems)

Training and Assessing Skills (through our Partnering NSARE accredited Training & Assessing company)


TFL – Transport For London (London Underground / QUENSH Support)

Health & Safety Advisory Services (Competent Person & Rail Safety Advisors)

Auditing Services (Internal & Site Audits)


NR Group & Company Standards (Updates & Briefings)

Quarterly Newsletter Updates

Generation and/or amendment of existing H&S policy document (H&S legislative compliance)


Review of existing method statements and risk assessments related to any rail activities

Generation of documents in support of the Recruitment / Training & Competence management


HCC Grp Ltd produce a quarterly bulletin issued by email to all "Link-Up / RISQS" supported clients to keep them informed of applicable changes to Network Rail's disciplines through Group and Company standards and any other pertinent information regarding site safety / briefings etc.

This information is supplemented further by secure password access (issued to active HCC clients) to the HCC "information database" on our website. This will allow more detailed scrutiny of summary information given in the HCC publications plus other relevant Rail Sector information.

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